Orange Courier understands the importance of being able to monitor the progress of your shipments in transit. That’s why we offer confirmation of delivery, just minutes after delivery is complete.

All shipments can be tracked for a period of 45 days form the date of dispatch. You may track the status of your shipment by AWB /or reference number

Tracking for domestic and international deliveries:
As soon as delivery is complete information is uploaded to our system, our extensive and advanced network helps us in these updates. This means whether it’s a domestic or international delivery, you know exactly when it gets there.

Our Track & Trace feature gives you peace of mind, especially for urgent shipments. It also enables you to provide improved service to your customers and even gives them the ability to handle their own tracking.

More Options:

Because we recognize that every business is unique, Orange provides a variety of tracking options to quickly and easily access accurate current information about your shipments.
* - Track by AWB/Reference number, enter any one of these numbers on the tracking space. Details on your shipment will be displayed.

* - Use your computer, cell phone or PDA and send a e-mail with your AWB/Reference number. This confidential e-mail service allows you to track your shipment and you’ll receive a quick response from our 24 hrs call centre with status of your shipment.

Call +971 024439759, 04 -2500132 or email With just one phone number, you can speak with one of our customer service representatives.

No matter how you choose to track your shipments, Orange gives you quick and convenient access to the information you and your customers need and want.