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We can help you improve your cash inflow!!!!

To show you how we claim to be able to do that, letís analyze the various practical problems encountered in getting the payments on time from the customers:

Are you pressurized with your available resources to deliver your invoices on time to your customers?

Are your invoices either delivered late or, worse, not at all?

Are you able to give sufficient evidence to prove that the invoice has been delivered to your customers?

You, as an entrepreneur, are well aware that any of the situations depicted above might lead to your not receiving the payment on time, sometimes even after pursuing your customers time and again for the same.

So, if the answer for any of the above questions is in the affirmative or if you feel that you might have faced such problems in the past or might face them in future then you have successfully identified one of the most critical problems affecting your cash inflow.

Take your first and the most important step towards solving this. Just give a call for Dubai to : 04-2500132 . Our Abu Dhabi customers can call at: 00971 02 4439759 . You can also send us an email to Our experienced and innovative consultants at Orange will be happy to give you a comprehensive and compact invoice delivery option solution for any of the above problems.

Value added benefit Online tracking of shipment.
3-hours delivery (within Abu Dhabi city limits).
Customer management team concept..